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Asia & The South Pacific

Discover Asia
Visit China for a Magical ExperienceDiscover the beauty of Asia in vacations to this captivating continent. If you've ever wanted to walk the Great Wall of China or cruise the Yangtze River, then one of our vacations in China is the journey for you.
Asian tours present a rich tapestry of ancient traditions, interesting cultures and breathtaking sights. Our Asia tours can take you to cosmopolitan Hong Kong or to the temples and palaces of Bangkok or to the magnificent Taj Mahal in India. Some Asian tours cruise China's Yangtze River or visit the Great Wall of China.
Vacation in China: The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China, is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Just like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus, stretching approximately 8,851.8 kilometers (5,500 miles) from east to west of China. With a history of more than 2000 years, some of the sections are now in ruins or have disappeared. However, it is still one of the most appealing attractions all around the world because of its architectural grandeur and historical significance.
South East Asia: Thailand
Discover our tour packages that encompass the stunning scenic and cultural delights of this unique country. Thailand has a natural asset in breath taking scenery, featuring spectacular green mountains, white sandy beaches, and sparking blue sea. Combine that with our world class range of sophisticated accommodations, elegant dining and variety of activities and you will experience Thailand at its greatest.
The Islands of the South Pacific
French PolynesiaTonga, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti, and many other beautiful tropical destinations are all unbelievably breathtaking with something to offer everyone's tastes!
Tahiti & French Polynesia (French speaking)
•Best for: resorts, diving, culture, surfing, hiking
Fiji (English speaking)
•Best for: culture, diving, families, backpackers, resorts
Raratonga & the Cook Islands (English speaking)
•Best for: beaches, resorts, families, food, diving
Vanuatu (English & French speaking)
•Best for: culture, volcanoes, backpackers, resorts, diving
Samoa & American Samoa (English speaking)
•Best for: beaches, culture, surfing, peace & quiet, hiking
Tonga (English speaking)
•Best for: culture, beaches, kayaking, whale watching, surfing
Easter Island (Rapa Nui) (Spanish speaking)
•Best for: archaeology, culture, eco-tourism, hiking, horseback riding


According to Here are the Top Reasons to Visit Australia!

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the most famous reef systems in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is world-renowned for its abundance of marine life and world-class diving opportunities. When Turtles, sharks, vibrant coral, beautiful fish...You can spend one day or a few diving this reef.

Sydney HarborSydney

Known for its famed opera house and harbor, Sydney also boasts an incredible bridge, great parks, delicious food, lots of free stuff to do, and amazing surfing. Whether you go to Manly Beach or hang out with everyone else in Bondi, Sydney’s a place to relax in the sun and enjoy the water. Darling Harbor has a number of good restaurants and great entrainment venues, and the Chinese Garden is quite relaxing. For a night out on the town with colorful locals, there’s nothing like King’s Cross.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)

The wind-blown cuts throughout the rock make it look like a wave of sand climbing over the desert. The iron in the rock produces amazing shades of red and orange during sunrise and sunset. While you can climb Uluru, be forewarned that it is a sacred area to the people of this area. Oddly enough, they allow visitors to scale the rock, but they don’t like it. You can take tours here from nearby Alice Springs.


Australia has some great wine regions that include Margaret River near Perth, the Barossa Valley near Adelaide, and the Hunter Valley near Sydney. There’s a lot of good wine to be tried while in Australia, especially Australian shiraz and pinot noir. You can take day trips to any of the wine areas from the nearby major cities.

Western Australia

It’s truly beautiful, with its large expanses of outback and white sand beaches that stretch for miles without a soul in sight. Karijini National Park and Coral Bay and the Ningaloo Reef are popular destinations.


Amazing Wildlife of AustraliaSydney and Melbourne get all the attention, but Perth can hold its own against these two heavyweights. There are great beaches, one of the world’s largest city parks, surfing, and nearby Fremantle where you can have Australia’s best beer (Little Creatures). Perth is a city filled with young people and has the vibe of a city in motion that’s just coming into its own. Don’t forget Sunday drinking sessions at the famous Cottesloe Hotel.


Australia may not have invented surfing, but they might as well have, given how ingrained it is in Australian culture. The best surfing is on the East Coast, and there are a million places where you can catch a good wave.

Beautiful Beaches

With over 50,000km of coastline there’s no way this country could exist without beautiful beaches. The ones on the East Coast are far busier than the deserted beaches on Australia’s western coastline. But with so much coastline, you’ll always find a spot to relax by yourself.

Lush Jungles

Here you’ll find one of the oldest continuous tropical rainforests in the world (it dates back to the age of dinosaurs!). There are great places to go hiking, tons of wildlife and birds (watch out for crocodiles, though), and some really nice rivers and swimming holes to cool off in. If you really want to get away from it all, head far north to Cape Tribulation, where it’s just you, the jungle, and some ocean.

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South America

Peruvian LlamasColorful is the best word to describe the continent of South America, along with adventurous, mysterious, lively and exciting. From romantic Rio de Janeiro to the intriguing Amazon Jungle, and enigmatic Machu Picchu to the fascinating Galapagos Islands, you’re sure to have a South American vacation like no other!

Countries:  Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Natural Wonders:  Angel Falls, Atacama Desert, Avenue of the Volcanoes, Galapagos Islands, Guanaabara Bay, Iguazu Falls, Lake Titicaca, Orinoco Delta, Pantanal, Amazon River, Tierra Del Fuego, Torres del Paine, Tungurahua Volcano, The Andes, Kaieteur Falls, Purace National Park, the Falkland Islands, Perito Moreno Glacier, Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, the Darien Gap, Los Llanos, the Pantanal.

Machu PichuAncient Ruins:  Chan Chan, La Ciudad Perdida, El Sipan, Ingapirca, Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Pachacamac, San Agustin, Tiahuanaco,

Climate:  Varies with altitude. Generally temperate climates inland near the mountains and hot temperatures near the coast and regions close to the equator.

Popular Activities:  Trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, whitewater rafting, boating, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, hang-gliding, scuba diving and snorkeling, surfing, eco-tours, tango dancing, dining, and nightlife.

Most of South America is near the equator, making the winter and summer the same mild temperature. There are rainy seasons to consider, however, which could make traveling uncomfortable. In the Amazon and Colombian Pacific Coast, for example, it is common for it to rain everyday, but traveling there would only be hampered if the roads get washed out.

The climate changes from the tropics when you get into the high altitudes of the Andes. If the humidity of the tropics is too much for you, the cooler, spring-like weather of the highlands are close by in some regions. The "Southern Cone," which consists of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil, has more changes in temperature than the tropical regions. Their seasons are similar to the northern hemisphere but occur in reverse.

Iguazu Falls

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Africa & Egypt

Africa ~ A Place of Beauty, Adventure, and Mystery
No other continent offers such a diverse range of travel experiences from game watching and wine tasting to touring the Great Pyramids and sailing down the Nile. Whether you want to shop in the bazaars of the bustling African cities, ride a camel in the African desert, or quietly spy a leopard in the wild, you’ll find the experience you’re looking for on one of our many vacations in Africa.
Africa is the world’s second-largest continent and second most populous after Asia. Africa is home to the oldest inhabited territory on earth, with the human race originating from this continent. During the the mid 20th century, anthropologists discovered many fossils and evidence of human occupation perhaps as early as 7 million years ago.
Egypt ~ The Land of Pyramids and Mystery
The adventure that is Egypt never ends! That is why it is a shame if you come to Egypt, especially for the first time, and miss the grandiose sites, such as the Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel or the west bank of Luxor, to name but a few.
 Most people who think of Egypt think of antiquities, but Egypt offers much more. Nature and desert treks, great scuba diving and even golf, fishing and birding expeditions. One may choose to relax on the wondrous Egypt Red Sea or Sinai coasts, take in the high culture of Cairo, or even leisurely float down the Egyptian Nile on a luxurious river boat.
Exotic Animals and Safari Big Game Hunting
Luxury Tent Safari in Africa
Are You Ready for a Wildlife African Safari Vacation or a Holiday in Africa? Africa offers Exotic Game excitement for hunters, photographers, and safari enthusiasts world wide. An African safari evokes mystery, wonder and above all else, adventure! Our unique and memorable safaris to Africa offer views of towering dunes, dramatic mountain ranges, pristine beaches, and vast tracks of open plains. An African safari is the ultimate destination for honeymooners, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, there is something for everyone. Let us make your African safari an experience you will never forget!
Are you planning for your perfect safari vacation to Kenya or combining with other African Safari attractions?
Serengeti is easily Tanzania's most famous national park, and it's also the largest, at 14,763 square kilometers of protected area that borders Kenya's Masai Mara Game Park. Its far-reaching plains of endless grass, tinged with the twisted shadows of acacia trees, have made it the quintessential image of a wild and untarnished Africa.

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